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about company
14 years in Russia
Our company is constantly working on the development of the brand, is engaged in PR and advertising campaigns for the development of the delivery network.

Our professionals provide a wide range of consulting and technical support at all stages of cooperation between partners.
Services in Russia and around the world
From Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
to Moscow
Deliver daily
your shipments
In courier services market since 2008
500 + couriers
2500+ cities
28 branches
Our advantages
Broad geography
The network of pickup points and express delivery branches throughout Russia.
Profitable terms
The minimum cost of delivery and reliable protection of shipments.
Fast and easy clearance
Registration of deliveries, information about the shipment status, is always available from any mobile device.
Why is it profitable for you to work with EXMAIL
Comfortable pick-up points (fitting rooms, large waiting area, examination table).
Pickup points
Fast and safe delivery to all the regions starts from 350 rubles.
Express delivery
Convenient tracking of parcels, informing, technical support.
24/7 Support
Uniform standards of customer service, polite and timely servicing.
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comfort waiting area
receiving / issuing orders
fitting room
table for goods inspection
pick-up points EXMAIL
1500 pickup points are planned to be opened next year
is an intermediary between the online store and the customer. The pickup point accepts goods from sellers and issues them to clients.
Delivery to a pickup point is cheaper
Therefore, you save money and can offer free shipping for the customer.
Ease of use
All information about the shipment status, sales statistics are available from any mobile device.
Sales growth
You expand the audience of customers by providing a service that is important to them.
Cost of delivery
Possibility of cheaper or free shipping.
Choosing a convenient pickup point and time for receiving an order.
The client has the opportunity to redeem the goods, only after checking and verification of working capacity.
Pickup Point’s Benefits
for an online store
for the clients
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